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CBD Vegan Gummies

CBD Vegan Gummies

Our naturally-flavored gummies contain a wealth of beneficial vitamins for sustained energy and a calm, balanced mood, plus 10 mg of organic CBD.


"The unwind mint tinctures have been a miracle for me! I take two droppers 20-30 minutes before I sleep every night now. Sleep has never felt so good. French Vanilla is my favorite!"

Kelsey Calemin | @fatherkels


The Smile Promise

From pure, ethically sourced ingredients to a responsible final product, Smile holds itself to the highest standard, in every way. Every Smile product is made from 100% organic hemp grown in the USA. No gimmicks, no additives, no BS—just the good stuff. We promise.

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B12 + Ginseng + 5-HTP

Ingredients to keep you crisp, clear and in the zone

All the benefits of 100% organic CBD, plus vitamin B12 for increased energy, ginseng for mental clarity and 5-HTP for improved mood.

Multivitamin + 5-HTP

Everything you need to help maintain a sense of balance

Our CBD gummies are the first of its kind! Not only are they vegan, they are also packed with 9 essential vitamins and minerals.

Melatonin + 5-HTP

A formula that calms the mind & promotes peaceful sleep

We start with 100% organic CBD oil, then add 5-HTP & melatonin to relax your body and ease into a chiller headspace

Happiness Inside

Smiles are contagious. Smiles have the power to change the world. Our CBD products are designed to help you tune into your best self, so you can be here & now… happily.

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 • Around 50% of people will smile back if you smile at them

 • Smiles are a universal sign of happiness

 • It's physically easier to smile than it is to frown

 • Humans can detect smiles from more than 300 feet away