6 Hobbies To Do At Home

While being stuck at home, it can be easy to feel bored and unengaged. But if you try one of these fun at-home hobbies, the outside world will wonder where you are!

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It’s true that COVID-19 has taken away some of our favorite things — going out to dinner, seeing a new film, or taking on the roller rink feel like distant memories. 

But being stuck at home doesn’t mean you need to lose hope! There are loads of fun, fresh, and feel-good activities that you can do right from home. Even when things do open back up, you might still never want to leave!

If quarantine fatigue has got you feeling a bit down, let’s turn that around with these fun hobbies that you can do right from home.

Why Is It Important To Stay Busy?

Human beings are social creatures, and not being able to see our friends and family takes a natural toll on our mental health. Without new experiences, boredom seems to be a more common feeling now than ever.

Boredom is described in terms of attention. We don’t always feel bored because sometimes it’s refreshing to have nothing to worry about. But those times when we crave to do something but just can’t do it? That’s when we start to feel boredom. It’s the unfulfilled desire for a satisfying activity.

People who are bored are more likely to make performance errors and be unproductive. Not to mention, chronic boredom can even look a lot like depression, though they’re not the same thing.

But on a positive note, being bored can prompt you to try something new! Boredom is a luxury in some regards, but it’s good to have some options on hand if you’re ever starting to feel unengaged.

Hobbies For the Body

If you love going to the gym or stopping by the basketball courts on the way home from work, you’re probably really craving some physical activity! And while working out from home gets the job done, it just doesn’t bring the same feeling that the gym might. You can try to fill in the gap with some of these at-home hobbies to get you moving.


We’re living through a stressful moment in history, so it’s important to give yourself time to unwind. Yoga is a fantastic hobby because of its mental and physical benefits.

Yoga is a series of stretches, ranging from simple to complex, that will help to improve your strength and balance. It can make you more flexible, benefit heart health, alleviate muscle tenderness, and bring you an immense feeling of tranquility.

You can try an easy one right now! Get on all fours, placing your palms on the floor lined up with your shoulders, and your knees lined up beneath your hips. Inhale as you let your stomach drop down towards the floor in a U-shape and looking up to the sky, then exhale as you arch your and really push your spine upward as you push your chin toward your body. It’s called the Cat-Cow Pose, and even though you might look a little weird doing it, you’ll start to feel relaxed right away.

Many people have had great success supplementing yoga with CBD Gummies, as these naturally work to support your body’s natural response to stressful stimuli. CBD checks your blood pressure and provides hormonal balance, so combined with yoga, you’ll be feeling balanced like never before.

Remodel Some Old Furniture

Since you’re going to be at home for a while anyway, you might as well make it look its very best! The old coffee table in the living room or your hand-me-down nightstand might use some refurbishing. Now’s a better time than any!

Since hardware stores are still open as essential businesses, you can run out and get a fresh coat of paint, sanding materials, or lumber to craft the furniture of your dreams! Not only will renovations help you work up a sweat, they’ll also make your home look better for years after the hard work is done.

This is an especially great bonding activity to do with your partner or roommates, as it can be a great teamwork exercise. Take advantage of the free time to explore some activities like this that you may not consider otherwise.

Learn To Cook

The food you eat can have a direct impact on your physical health. Since you can’t go out to restaurants, why not bust out the cookbook and teach yourself some new skills?

Cooking is a great skill to have because it gives you the freedom to make whatever you want, whenever you want. Not to mention, cooking can be a very soothing activity because it gives you a sense of control over the situation at hand. And in a world that feels out of control constantly, this little area of control you have a few times a day can be therapeutic. 

You can make yourself some delicious, nutritious meals that you chef up for your friends once you see them again. Combine that with some yoga or at-home exercises, and you’ll be living a truly healthy lifestyle right from home.

Hobbies For the Mind

Your body is only half of what makes up yourself, so you need to make sure you’re caring for the other half just as much. Quarantine can be stressful, so let’s take a look at some fun hobbies that will help you de-stress and stay focused.


Puzzle making is perhaps one of the most popular new hobbies to come out of the lockdown, and for good reason. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is extremely satisfying, and they’re tricky enough to keep you occupied for a long time.

You can also expand your puzzle arsenal with some crosswords, word searches, or Sudoku to keep your mind in tip-top shape. Constantly swapping out puzzles for new ones is a fantastic way to keep yourself occupied for long bouts at a time.


Practicing mindfulness is one of the most relaxing ways to reduce your stress, and it’s an easy way to incorporate something new into your daily routine.

Take a seat somewhere that feels warm and quiet, then set a timer for about 10 minutes. Slowly breathe in and out, paying attention to your breathing. Notice when your mind wanders to something else. Let yourself explore that concept for a moment, and then return your attention to your breath. Allow yourself to become lost in the thoughts that seem to keep coming back to you.

And that’s it! You can practice meditation techniques whenever you want and for as long as you want. This helps you gain a new perspective on stressful situations and allows you to focus on the present. And the best part is that you already have all of the tools necessary at your disposal, because all you need is yourself!

Make Bath Bombs

Taking a bath is a surefire way to put your mind at ease, but it’s even better when you can soak inside of the fizzy perfection that is a bath bomb.

Believe it or not, making a DIY bath bomb at home is extremely simple, and it might be something you can incorporate into your daily routine. All you need is baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, and cornstarch. These are the bases for pretty much every single bath bomb on the market.

You just need to combine all of the ingredients into a mold, let it sit for 24 hours, and then you have yourself a personal bath bomb to let you unwind. You can even personalize the bomb with your favorite essential oils or relaxing CBD oil to promote calmness. CBD oil even has anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe your muscles in that warm bath after a long day.

In Summary

Being at home all day everyday can be a recipe for boredom, but it doesn’t have to be! By trying out a few new hobbies, you might soon realize that being home can be just as fun as going out and about.

If you miss the gym, you can go for some activities that will help strengthen your body. Yoga is a fantastic option because of its innate mental benefits as well, but you can also try some home renovations to work up a sweat while also improving your home.

At the same time, if you’re feeling like you’re losing focus easily, try doing puzzles or meditating to help you recenter. You can even learn how to make your own bath bombs to send as care packages to friends, or just to enjoy for yourself.

Regardless, boredom is one of the most curable ailments we can ever face. Make use of the time at home by doing something you might not have tried otherwise!


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