How CBD Could Enhance Wellness

Wellness is important for leading a long, happy, healthy, and successful life. It can be hard to maintain holistic wellbeing by yourself, but CBD is here to help!

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We’re always looking for new ways to improve our holistic, or overall, wellbeing. Things like exercising, eating right, practicing mindfulness, and self-care are just a few examples of ways that we can bring about amazing benefits to our minds and bodies.

But while all of these things are great, most of them only improve specific parts of our wellness, requiring you to use a bunch of them in conjunction. While that’s great, what if there was a one-stop-shop for everything related to all-around health?

Well, look no further! CBD is an awesome supplement that is loaded with natural benefits, offering support for the mind, spirit, and body. Let’s take a look at just a few of the different ways that CBD can enhance your wellness.

What is Wellness?

Wellness can be defined as the active pursuit of choices, behaviors, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. It’s important to understand that wellness isn’t necessarily a static state, but rather one that’s active. In other words, wellness needs to be practiced continuously — it doesn’t just exist at one specific moment in time.

Wellness is individual to you, and your healthy habits might not perfectly align with someone else’s. That’s perfectly okay! You need to do what best suits yourself.

Having solid overall wellness can lead to a continually more positive mindset, which can make you more productive, resistant to stress, and happier in general. What’s not to love about all that?

Wellness can extend to all sorts of aspects of your life, including:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Environmental

How Can CBD Enhance Wellness

To best see how CBD can be used to improve wellness, let’s break it down based on those six pillars we just mentioned.


Physical wellness refers to having a healthy body through things like exercise, nutrition, and proper sleeping habits. Having a sound body is important, as being injured or unwell can affect the other aspects of holistic wellbeing.

Exercising is one of the best, and more obvious, ways to improve your physical health. Not only can CBD give you a little boost of energy to prepare you for the most intense rounds of cardio (check out Smile’s energizing CBD blend), it can also relieve joint pain following a round of intense physical activity (Smile’s pain cream works wonders here!).

When CBD is applied topically to the skin, it can absorb directly into the affected area for instant relief. This is important to get you feeling your best. And on top of that, it can reduce signs of aging skin, eczema, acne, as well as provide nutrients to rejuvenate dry skin. So it can help you feel and look your very best.

A major aspect of physical health is your sleep schedule. Sleep is an essential function, and if you don’t get enough, you may experience a decrease in cognition, unbalanced mood, and other physical ailments. Smile’s Unwind CBD Oil is naturally soothing, so it’s a great way to help unwind for a perfectly restful night’s sleep.


Your mental health directly correlates with your physical health — if one is out of sorts, there’s a good chance the other might be as well. Luckily, CBD is renowned for its ability to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Regular CBD use enhances cognition, which helps you make sound decisions. Its calming properties work to relieve anxious behaviors by restoring balance to the endocannabinoid system. 

The endocannabinoid system is a universal regulator within our bodies, responsible for regulating such processes like sleep, mood, memory, and appetite. When you use a cannabinoid, such as CBD, the function of receptors in this system is enhanced, meaning that a slew of mental improvements can be made.

If you use CBD often, you can set yourself on the right path for total body wellness, especially because having a clear, sound conscience can let you make healthier decisions overall. Try taking a CBD gummy everyday to get your daily dose!


Your emotional health is tied to mental wellness, but it’s more focused on being able to control, assess, and accept your feelings. Emotional wellness means that you are typically a very positive and upbeat person, but when feelings of sadness, anger, or fear engulf you, you are able to take necessary steps towards dealing with them.

CBD can support emotional wellness by lifting your mood and providing hormonal balance. Hormones work in your body to control all sorts of different things, like growth metabolism, and fertility. But hormonal imbalance can drastically affect your mood and behavior.

The calming and soothing sensations of CBD can assist you into feeling a more peaceful headspace, which will let you have a firmer grasp over your own emotions as well as the feelings of others.


Spiritual wellness can mean something different for everyone. It’s our search for purpose and meaning. For many people, this is a religious experience. For others, it involves digging deep into your own mind to try to understand your place in this big, crazy world.

A great way to connect with your spiritual side is through meditation, a calming exercise that focuses on changing your perceptions and looking at the world from a new point of view. 

Meditation is a great practice for grounding yourself, and it’s also great for relieving stress and anxiety. CBD can act as a perfect accompaniment to your meditative practices, as it will work to clear your headspace.


Spending time with yourself to care for your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness is essential. But humans are inherently social creatures. It’s imperative that you also connect with the people around you, fostering mutually positive relationships with friends and family.

People love being around someone who is positive, happy, and overjoyed. The strongest social relationships can occur when you, and those around you, are comfortable and elated. 

Not only can CBD help boost your mood in preparation for these situations, but it has many of the same benefits as physically smiling. This is important, because smiling is one of the easiest ways to make someone else feel instantly happier.


Last but not least, environmental wellness means you are living in an area with no obstacles or hazards. It can be directly affected by your own living situation, as well as the planet as a whole.

Taking steps towards environmental wellness means you’re being cognizant of the way you’re treating this planet. When you’re kind to the planet, it’ll be kind right back to you.

While CBD might not be able to directly improve our environment, you can make sure that your usage of the product doesn’t have any negative effects. You can do this by ensuring that your CBD supplements are organically grown and certified for good manufacturing practices. This means that the environment was not harmed in order to bring these products to you.

Likewise, look for seals that indicate vegan certification and cruelty free manufacturing, which means that no animals were harmed in the creation of the product.

Other Wellness Dimensions

While those are the most common elements, it doesn’t just stop there. Some people also categorize financial wellness and occupational wellness in addition to those previously mentioned.

Finances and your career go hand in hand, and these can lead to a lot of stress. As we know, CBD can help reduce those feelings of stress, allowing you to focus on necessary tasks with a clear head and a primed focus.

There’s also intellectual wellness, cultural wellness, and more! Your own wellness model can consist of some, all, or even more of these dimensions. There is no one-size-fits all approach to wellness, so have some fun experimenting with what priorities align themselves best in your own life.

In Conclusion

Wellness is the active pursuit of healthy choices that will lead to an overall healthier life. It can put you in a happier, healthier mood while also preparing you to thrive in the future.

There are six main dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental. All of these can be enhanced with regular use of CBD due to its anti-anxiety properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and its ability to provide a peaceful state of mind.

Other dimensions can contribute to wellness too, like finances and an occupation. Regardless, trying to stay positive in every aspect of life is what wellness is all about.

It can be difficult to manage all of these things by yourself, and that’s why CBD is a great way to assist you in the process. But your CBD oil won’t take any credit. Working towards a happy, healthy lifestyle is something that you should be proud of.

If you want CBD you can trust, Smile’s CBD oils and vegan CBD gummies are made with the highest quality ingredients to achieve the highest quality smiles. With added vitamins and minerals, you can feel confident that your overall wellness is always coming first.


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