Trying to Find Your Balance

We all feel a little off balance every now and again. But restoring equilibrium to your life is easier than you might think — and even more beneficial.

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It’s no secret that humans are busy people. Staying occupied can be super fulfilling, and it opens the door for new experiences that would have no never been accessible before. But working multiple jobs, hanging out with tons of people, starting new hobbies, and taking time for yourself can be daunting. How do you prioritize and maintain composure when life is constantly throwing things your way?

Finding your balance is important to be able to gain control when it feels like you have none. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle can enhance productivity and allow you to move forward in a meaningful way.

But how do you get there? What are the secrets to achieving equilibrium in your daily life?

What is Life Balance?

Life balance is a state of equilibrium where you can prioritize the demands of all factors of your life without letting one become more inundating than another. A balanced person is able to find time for themselves, friends, family, hobbies, and work without forgetting or holding one to a higher standard.

Having an overall balanced life is important for overall mental and physical wellbeing. 

Why is it Important?

If you can successfully manage everything that life throws your way, stress will be a thing of the past. And that’s a good thing, because it can have negative effects on your present and future.

When you let yourself become stressed through over or under-prioritization, you can have some adverse effects on your body. Chronic stress can cause your muscles to become stiff and sore, increase your blood pressure, and weaken your immune system.

Mentally, stress can cause feelings of anxiety or even depression. But moreso, when you become stressed about one facet of your life over another, you are actively unbalancing your natural equilibrium.

What Causes Unbalance?

When you look at all of the factors that make up your life, it’s important that all of them are prioritized accordingly. For example, while work is important, it shouldn’t be more important than spending time with friends or ensuring that you spend time on self-care — and vice versa.

But when you allow work to take a hold of your life, you essentially make less time for everything else. This causes unbalance, and it can lead to copious amounts of stress.

For one, when you become heavily focused on one portion of your life, you may become inundated and overthink it. Conversely, you may become stressed about not spending enough time on the other things that don’t have your immediate attention.

Finding balance means you don’t let one thing gain importance over another. This can keep you feeling calm, collected, and prepared to tackle any task that stands in your path.

Finding Balance

You can achieve equilibrium by just making some small tweaks to your everyday life. Start off slow, and gradually make bigger changes when you start to feel comfortable.

Cut Out Non-Essentials, Essentially

Being a part of three different organizations, working two jobs, taking four classes, and volunteering at two locations can make it seem like you’re leading a fulfilling life. But when things start to overflow, you’ll naturally start to forget about some of your responsibilities. 

When it comes to your life, quality is more important than quantity. It’s better to put your best foot forward in a few aspects rather than only scratching the surface of everything. Trim down by writing a list and categorizing your commitments based on personal value.

Anything that starts to seem less essential to your wellbeing should, politely, be cut out of your life. Be honest with yourself and don’t feel bad if you’re not able to accomplish everything at once: you’re only human!

To Health and Back Again

It’s impossible to convey how important it is to maintain your overall holistic health. If you start to feel stress, overwhelmed, scared, or anxious, it’s your body’s way of telling you that something needs to change.

Stress can manifest itself physically through things like chest pains, increased heart rate, muscle tension, or trouble sleeping. It’s important to use techniques and tools like daily CBD gummies that can help counter everyday stress before it becomes completely inundating.

Similarly, engaging in an active lifestyle can have serious benefits for a balanced, healthy life. Between work, school, and other commitments, it can be easy to overlook. But even just going for a brisk walk during the day can be a great way to show your body that you care about it.

Spend Time By Yourself

It can be hard to take a moment for yourself when you’re constantly trying to please others. However, if you’re not happy, your productivity will start to suffer accordingly. 

Devote some time during the day for yourself. Do something that just makes you feel good — no strings attached. This might be meditating, writing, or sketching. Maybe it’s going for a hike or watching a new show on Hulu. Whatever it is, as long as you can detach yourself from everything that’s bringing you stress, it’s perfect.

Of course, make sure you balance this with your other commitments. Don’t spend too much time engaging in leisure activities. Just give yourself enough time to achieve mental clarity and then get back to the things that matter just as much.

Don’t Forget Friends and Family

Becoming overwhelmed by work, school, or hobbies can take you away from engaging with some of the most important people in your life. Being socially active is essential for a balanced life, as surrounding yourself with a good circle can help lift your mood and keep you motivated.

Try to section off a bit of time to grab lunch with a friend or invite them over for dinner. You can even combine your social desires with other facets of your life. Go on a hike with the family to get some physical activity, or ask a friend to meet at the library to get some work done while still fostering positive bonds.

New is For You

The reason you might feel like your life is off balance might have something to do with the fact that you haven’t quite found that one thing that makes you feel whole. It might mean your true passion is still out there waiting to be discovered!

With that in mind, never be afraid to try something new. Try learning to draw or paint. Take a class on a topic that interests you. Do an activity that you’ve always wanted to try, but never made the time.

When you let yourself have new experiences, you can see what interests and disinterests you. This is key towards figuring out exactly what portions of your life should stay and which areas can be trimmed up.

Know to Say No

Acknowledging and coming to terms with the fact that you can’t do everything at once can be difficult. You want to have new experiences and you want to please those around you. But sometimes, what you need is a little bit different.

The next time someone asks you for a favor, realize that there is no harm done in politely saying no. You even have the right to take some time before giving a final response. People won’t be mad at you if you’re not able to help them out with every single thing.

And while it’s also easy to get annoyed when it feels like so many people are relying on you, keep in mind that it means you’ve solidified trust. They wouldn’t come to you if they didn’t respect you, so take it as a form of flattery rather than disservice.

In Conclusion

When those to-do lists are overflowing and e-mails are coming in faster than you can respond, there’s a chance your life is a little off balance. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and even negative physiological effects. 

However, there are a ton of things you can try to restore your natural equilibrium. First and foremost, take a look at your commitments that don’t mean as much of a priority and trim them down. Likewise, engage in physical activity and find some time for yourself so that you can feel a reprieve from the normal stressors of everyday life.

And while it’s tempting to take on new responsibilities when asked, know that there is no shame in saying no. But no matter what, keep in mind that the best is all you can do — and that’s always going to be good enough!

If life has you feeling off-kilter, restore your body’s natural balance with some CBD oil or CBD gummies. Smile’s CBD is made with only the highest-quality ingredients that are ethically sourced. No gimmicks, no additives — just the good stuff to help you get back on track.


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