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Ginseng is an antioxidant rich herbal supplement that is well known within the health and wellness community for its powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

Can benefit cognitive function

Helps reduce inflammation

May boost the immune system

The medicinal and therapeutic use of ginseng extract goes back centuries. Today, there are several different kinds of ginseng extract available. But the two most popular are American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng). Extracts made from American ginseng tend to be associated with relaxation and calming, soothing effects. By contrast, Asian ginseng is believed to provide more invigorating effects.

Ginseng extract comes from the ginseng root and contains many active substances. But the two most important compounds are ginsenosides and gintonin. These compounds interact with and complement each other, a relationship that’s responsible for ginseng’s many benefits. Ginseng can affect many of the body’s systems, which is why it’s often considered a therapeutic supplement for general health and wellness. 

And while ginseng extract can improve overall wellbeing, there are a few uses that make it desirable for use with CBD. Many of the health benefits of CBD stem from its ability to reduce inflammation. Ginseng complements CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties with inflammation reducing antioxidants of its own. In fact, studies have shown that Korean red ginseng extract reduced inflammation and improved antioxidant activity in skin cells. 

Furthermore, ginseng’s ability to reduce inflammation helps prevent damage to muscle tissue when you’re working out or exercising, and may help with physical stamina and fatigue. Research into those uses is still inconclusive. However, studies do show that ginseng extract can reduce feelings of fatigue and improve quality of life in women with multiple sclerosis.  

Another popular use for ginseng extract is to improve cognitive functioning, concentration and memory. As people age, abstract thinking, mental arithmetic and reaction times can deteriorate. Ginseng helps boost these functions in middle-aged people. 

Overall, ginseng is good for your brain, your mental health and mood and can even help with social functioning. Evidence even shows that Panax ginseng extract can improve mental performance in people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Ginseng extract can also stimulate your love life. Red ginseng, for example, is known to improve sexual arousal, desire and satisfaction in women who report sexual difficulty or are postmenopausal. Taking ginseng by mouth also appears to improve sexual performance in men with erectile dysfunction. 


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