9 CBD Myths

CBD is a popular supplement that can provide a whole range of holistic benefits. However, there are equally as many misconceptions surrounding this organic compound.

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CBD is becoming a lot more popular because of its amazing benefits related to stress relief, anti-inflammation, and mood balancing properties. It’s a pretty amazing compound that has more uses than you can count.

With that said, there’s a lot of misinformation out there related to CBD and its effects. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths surrounding this fantastic compound so you can feel confident that your CBD supplements will only serve as a benefit.

Myth #1: CBD Will Get You High

This is by far the most common and misunderstood myth surrounding CBD supplements and tinctures. CBD is in no part psychoactive, nor does it distort or impair cognitive functionality and judgement. So no, you can not get high from CBD.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is derived directly from the hemp plant. This is why a lot of people commonly believe that CBD products will be able to produce hallucinogenic effects. However, the product on its own exhibits no proof of psychoactivity.

Myth #2: CBD Will Make You Fail a Drug Test

While it is true that all hemp-derived products may cause complications during a drug test, CBD is 100% legal, and you shouldn’t have an issue if the compound were to show up on a drug test.

Most drug tests are a form of immunoassay, which is a procedure for detecting or measuring specific substances through their properties as antigens or antibodies. Initial immunoassays are only screening tests. They can be followed by confirmatory testing, which will distinguish CBD from other compounds that may otherwise cause an individual to fail.

So in short, while it’s possible for CBD to complicate your drug test, it will generally not cause you to fail one. However, if you have concerns, it’s never a bad idea to chat with your employer.

Myth #3: CBD is Not Proven to Alleviate Health Conditions

Skeptics of CBD are often quick to point out that there is no concrete evidence to suggest that CBD can actually work to relieve certain health conditions. This is likely because clinical research into the compound is fairly recent.

With that said, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has actually approved CBD-based medications for seizure disorders that are difficult to treat. On top of that, conventional CBD studies have been conducted at universities and institutions all over the globe. The evidence astoundingly suggests that the compound has immense benefits for human health.

One of the main uses for CBD is easing symptoms of anxiety and stress by calming and balancing mood. Preclinical evidence strongly suggests that it is effective in managing these symptoms, as well as symptoms related to other anxiety-related conditions. 

Myth #4: CBD Only Has a Few Use

A common misconception related to CBD is that many people think it can only be used to relieve stress and anxiety. While this is one of the most popular ways to experience its benefits, it is most definitely not the only one.

CBD is profoundly versatile, able to bring holistic benefits all over the body. It’s also well known for its antioxidant properties, which allows CBD topicals like Smile’s CBD Face Cream and CBD Body Lotion to actively defend against free radicals in the body — promoting healthy, ageless skin. It’s also often less irritating than chemical-based moisturizers, so it’s great for sensitive skin.

It can also be used for its anti-inflammatory and healing benefits. CBD absorbs directly into affected areas, providing instant relief to achy joints and muscles. It can even reduce pain related to swelling from exercise.

Not to mention, it can check your blood pressure and provide hormonal balance to bring you a peaceful headspace at any given moment. 

We can keep going, but you get the idea. CBD doesn’t have just one singular use.

Myth #5: You Have to Smoke CBD

While smoking CBD is an option, inhaling foreign substances can cause lung damage and reverse the benefits that this compound has to offer. CBD’s versatility isn’t unique to just its benefits — it can also be taken in a vast assortment of ways.

A common way to feel the benefits of CBD is with oil drops. You can put a few drops under your tongue just by itself, or you can even add it to a morning coffee or tea. It can also be added to foods, smoothies, and more!

If you like gummy vitamins, you might be happy to know that CBD can also be taken as a gummy supplement. With great flavors to choose from, you can look forward to chewing your daily CBD gummy every single morning.

In addition to both of those options, CBD can be applied topically with creams and lotions. This is great for people who need instant relief from muscle soreness or achy joints.

Myth #6: CBD Will Make You Fall Asleep

While CBD can help you relax your body and ease into a chiller headspace, it won’t necessarily make you feel drowsy after using it. In fact, CBD can actually make you feel more energized.

CBD supplements are often paired with certain vitamins and minerals that can increase energy, mental clarity, and cognition. That’s why putting a few drops in your coffee every morning can give you a nice boost to start your day on the right foot. It’s also a great way to balance your mood if you’re ever feeling a bit off.

Of course, CBD is naturally soothing and calming, so you can use it to unwind before going to bed for a restful night’s sleep. However, it won’t knock you out if you take some during an afternoon lull.

Myth #7: The CBD Industry is Sketchy and Corrupt

Many people are wary of using CBD products because it has only recently become legalized in  2018 after passage of The Farm Bill. This allowed hemp production to become legal in all 50 United States.

It’s important to do some research before purchasing your CBD products. While it’s entirely possible that some corporations are willing to manipulate the legal gray area to their own benefit, many CBD companies are devoted to holding themselves to high standards. 

Look for companies that source their CBD purely and ethically using organic hemp grown right in the USA. Also, it’s important to ensure that there aren’t any gimmicks or additives that might affect your ability to benefit from the good stuff.

The stigma surrounding CBD needs to be squashed. Because of its negative connotations, many people are missing out on the immense benefits that this natural compound has to offer.

Myth #8: The More CBD, the Better Its Effects

Many people think that taking higher quantities of CBD will make them feel better at a quickened rate or have longer-lasting effects. However, exceeding the recommended dosage won’t have any more positive effects.

CBD doesn’t cause any particularly threatening risks in high doses, but it won’t bring you any increased benefits just because you take more than recommended. Just take what you’re supposed to. This will make your CBD last a bit longer and prevent wastefulness.

Myth #9: You Only Need To Take CBD Once

While you might start noticing the effects of CBD after just a single dose, regular usage will yield more positive results. Taking a gummy supplement daily or using some oil drops every night will likely be able to provide a stronger amount of holistic benefits.

It’s perfectly normal and fine if your body takes a little bit longer to adjust to CBD than others. Be patient with yourself, because even if you can’t feel its effects, it’s definitely working behind the  scenes to improve your overall wellbeing.

In Conclusion

CBD is an all-around beneficial supplement that has been shown to decrease feelings of anxiety and bring you into a more calm, cool, and collected headspace. With that said, there are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding it.

The biggest myth is that CBD will get you high. It is in no part psychoactive, so you don’t need to worry about hallucinating every time you take some. It’s also a myth that they’ll make you fail a drug test. Confirmatory tests can be done to isolate CBD from other substances. And since it’s 100% legal in the US, you’ll be good to go.

A lot of people also fail to see the depth at which CBD can work. It’s not just used for anxiety, as it can provide benefits in areas surrounding pain relief and mood balancing. Not to mention, you can take CBD supplements in so many different ways.

CBD and smiling both have many of the same health benefits. And there definitely aren’t any myths about how awesome it is to smile, so it’s time to break down those misconceptions about CBD!

Separate fact from fiction with Smile’s CBD made with the highest quality organic ingredients. We’re as transparent as you can get, and rest assured that Smile’s gummies and oils will ease you into a chiller headspace in a flash. And that’s no myth.


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